1:1 color mixing with Premo Slate using Premo Spanish Olive, Purple Pearl and Copper

Ohhh, I”m mixing with Slate this week. This should be interesting…or a lot of nice mud. I wasn’t sure about this – and that’s my favorite kind of mixing to do.

It turns out that Slate is quite a color tool! It’s a great way to tone down the vibrancy of a color – sort of like adding mud clay. I really, really like these mixes (I’m going to have to try it with Souffle now).

#1 This is all 3 of the mixes. If you look at the main photo and visually add the Slate at the right in the palette- it’s kind of a fresh take on a classic palette – restful, clean, but still containing COLOR.

#2 This is one of my favorite palettes! I love Copper with the Greys. It’s warm with cool and adding the 1:1 mix of both is the perfect color bridge.

#3 I actually could have made 4 sub palettes this week by substituting the third mix color in for the green mix. Copper and Slate with all 3 of the mixed colors is amazing!

Well, color me surprised (hah!), Slate came to play in the mixes and did a wonderful job! I’m not going to forget that Copper/Slate combo either – talk about an on-trend color combo. I think 18k/Slate would be awesome as well.

xoxo, syn