I use Souffle clays so much that its like a class reunion for me mixing with Premo this month. “OHHH YEAH! I remember you Ecru!!! You haven’t changed a bit!” (When I was actually thinking to myself, it looks a little yellow around the gills – liver issues?) Since I live in the small town I grew up in I DO see my old school mates often. We change on the outside, but are often just the same kid on the inside.

ANYWAY…I was pleasantly surprised that Ecru didn’t have a greater influence in a 1:1 mix. The colors remain basically the same, just in a lighter, creamer hue. That Turquoise always surprises me in mixes and Blush is perfect right out of the package to me, but I really like this soft-washed mix as well.

#1 I like these unlikely colors together. In fact, I’d really like to knit one of my baby blankets in these colors. Sunny, warm, cheerful – they remind me of sitting on the lawn at Alice Stroppel’s house in Florida.

#2 This palette feels like a deep calming breath of air. A Spring palette that whispers of Summer coming…

#3 Sunrise/Sunset colors. Add the Orange and it would be for sure. It feels cool and warm at the same time – just like a sunrise or sunset!

Next month I’m mixing something different! Pastels with Souffle! Straight up 1:1 Igloo mixes – but with some surprises with the deeper Souffle colors. Who knew??

xoxo, syn