Oh yes, Mid-Century colors – right in my wheel house! Premo Sunshine is another color I tend to forget in my clay closet. And it doesn’t make sense, I’m all about sunny warm colors, but I’ll tell you a secret – I can’t keep yellows clean – any yellow is an instant dirt/clay scrap magnet for me. I’m cool with Whites, but apparently I didn’t sign the janitorial contract for yellow. Anyway, I love this entire palette – what a fun Spring into Summer non-traditional palette!

#1 I love the pop of cool that the Premo Turquoise adds to this palette. Perfect palette for Spring denim.

#2 Okay, I’m sure I can locate all these colors in my house. Sunshine/Ecru makes a great key lime color and combined with the blues and greens? yeah, I can do these. Again, a great Spring-into-Summer palette.

#3 If #2 is Spring-into-Summer, this palette is Summer-into-Fall. This is going to be my next mix when I it my clay table after chores. I love this one. What a great Mokume Gane palette (add some 18k Gold for a pop or Black for drama).

xoxo, syn