Yes, I’m still mixing from that one palette last month for my personal use!  I’m hoping for a new color crush this month..

As you know, I’m obsessed with Souffle Cinnamon and it’s magical mix properties.  LOOOOK at the Robins Egg and Jade 1:1 mixes with it!  I also actually like the Lagoon mix as well.  What a gorgeous color that would be with Premo Accents Copper or Gold! Like a background color to show them off.

Warm and Bright Fall Clay Colors

To the Sub-Palettes:

#1 is the 1:1 mixes – yeah I think I have a new mix obsession!

#2 Ohhh, I like these as well.  Nice palette for a gorgeous redhead..

#3 REALITY – nice color palette for a gorgeous FORMER redhead, now grey! LOL

Can’t believe I’m having to consider what to mix for 2019 already.  What do you say?  2:1 mixes for 2019?

xoxo, syn