August 2Okay, I’ve got the right color names on the photo and the right mixes on the right day..this time!

I thought I would throw a curveball at Pistachio by mixing it with Turnip, but instead, it threw ME a curveball!  I love the colors! I especially love the taupe and khaki color produced by the 4:1 and 8:1 mixes.


One thing I’ve noticed about mixing Sculpey Soufflé is that is mixes by hand very easily.  Of course, I’m mixing small amounts, but I’ve mixed some scrap the same way and it’s kind of like kneading bread (which I’ve watched the Chef son do – I’m relegated to merely cleaning up the kitchen).


Okay, I’m off to finish preparing to teach two classes for my guild this Saturday, finish my projects for Sculpey and pack for the IPCA Arches retreat (clothes aren’t the issue, it’s what jewelry to take and how to I fit everything for my demo in the bag!)