You know how we will often buy a blouse or dress and when we are at the checkout, we are designing the Sculpey jewelry to go with it?  YEAH, you've done that before and so have I.  I've also bought a piece of clothing because I wanted to design the jewelry to go with it – "I could do that pattern in clay.  That's a Skinner Blend!"


So I bought this end table for the living room..because I wanted to cover the knobs in clay.  And once I had the knobs covered and I still had cane left, I decided to create little "backsplashes" for each knob.  I added the checkerboard motif that I have in small spots around the room (the edge of the table below, along the top of the big red curtain.  


Oh, back to the knobs.  So the original knobs were metal, making it quite easy to cover in clay.  The "backsplashes" are just backed onto a sheet of black clay and I added the slices of Skinner Blends collaged onto the black sheet of clay and trimmed to the random edges of the blends. Notice that the top of the "backsplash" is bigger than the bottom – that's because you tend to see more of the top than the bottom of a drawer pull, so I purposely made the top larger. You may remember these from Expression magazine..


Speaking of the curtain – try and find colored vertical blinds.  The design team in the store actually wanted me to BUY $300 curtains and then paint them!  Seriously.  Fortunately, I found my red blinds but they are actually called cherry wood. I think the blue walls make the red really pop. This is a wooden Halloween decoration that I love the colors and design.  Wouldn't this be fun to do in clay?  I thought so 10 years ago when I hung it up…LOL