Besides loving all things polymer clay, I am extremely fascinated by fabric. I am very oftenly inspired by the prints and the patterns and the color combinations that tantalize my eyes through fabric. I could go on and on about how much I love fabric and fabric stores and shopping for fabric… But since this is a polymer clay blog, I'll slice quickly to the chase and tell you how fabric influences my polymer clay work.


Often, when I find myself dragging through the aisles of fabric bolts, I'll play a little game in my head. I try to name all  the colors in a particularly eye appealing textile using only the names of Sculpey or Premo! clays; like Wasabi, and Suede Brown, and Pomegranate. What's most exciting is that more-often-than-not, the fabric inspires me to combine colors that I ordinarily wouldn't of my own accord.


Next, I imagine how the patterns I see correlate with the clay cutters I have. Or I visualize mimicking the texture of a fabric with the assortment of embossing sheets I use to texture my clays. On occasion I find myself purchasing a scrap just so I can go home and make a new clay piece based on the color combination in that fabric.



The colors and shapes in the above picture frame were inspired by this fabric:


When I designed this necklace-


I was looking to this fabric for shape and color inspiration-



And when these beads were designed it was the dress in the background that was influencing my color choices-


What about you? What drives your creativity? What inspirations do you look to when you need a new creative direction?


Having fun rolling clay,