I love to use products in new ways. It’s what keeps me interested and it’s what my column in Polymer Café magazine, My Way, is all about. I made a dome out of scrap clay using the Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker without a real clear idea what I’d use it for. A few days later I re-discovered a vintage velvet baby dress and, POP! The light went on. Be sure to test the fabric at 275 before you use it on your pendant.

Make a dome on the Hollow Bead Maker. Poke a hole in the center and bake it. Cover the dome with Bake n’ Bond and apply the fabric.  Cut out a round base and an outer ring of the size to fit your dome.  Bake just the ring with a piece of chain and some Bake n’ Bond. When the ring is baked, add some Superglue carefully around the chain so it won’t come off. Take a head pin and push it through the center hole, add a bead cap and form an eye. Hang stuff on the eye. Make a clean slice in the ring where the chain pieces meet. Cover base with Bake n’ Bond and press the dome into the uncured base. Place the baked ring around the dome. Press a bail into the space where there is no ring. Bake for 45 min.