I love it when National Craft Month rolls around each March. It’s always a good excuse to get fellow crafters together for a few hours of clay, knitting, or the crafting flavor-of-the-month. Can you say felted bracelets, paper-covered boxes or clay-filled pendants? So many new things to try, so many favorites things to dive into again. (So many unfinished objects … well, that’s a subject for another time.)

When I see National Craft Month in my Facebook feed or email inbox, it takes me back … way back to a time before the Internet, before VHS tapes, yes, even before color TV. Instead of making me feel old, I feel grateful for all the different media that bring crafts into my life on a daily basis. YouTube, email newsletters, a friend texting me a pic of her newest creation. All these ways help keep crafting front and center in my life, as well as the people who have taught me to craft and enriched my life so much.

In honor of National Craft Month, think about asking a neighbor, non-crafty friend or family member over for an evening to make a simple clay project. Need ideas? The Sculpey.com Newbies Page has cute and easy projects for soon-to-be-crafters of all ages. When you share your love of crafting, you share your love. It’s just that simple.