Challenges are challenging, and right now you are thinking to yourself “Duh!  Of course they are, that’s why they are called challenges”.  I was looking over some of the comments on the Polyform Facebook page that were generated when the Design Squad challenge pieces were posted and it made me start thinking.  I can really only speak for myself but I know I tend to stick with certain techniques, colors, and styles.  When I received the box from Polyform with the challenge materials I definitely felt like “yikes!”  While struggling to come up with an idea I had to keep telling myself that this was good for me, like eating my vegetables.  Challenging one’s self is one thing but somehow having someone else issue the challenge feels more intense. 

How to Challenge and Support Sculpey Art Projects

After making my piece I realized it was a very beneficial experience and one that would benefit anyone.  Keeping this in mind I am going to make a suggestion to all of you reading this right now.  Grab your best clay-buddy and drive to your favorite craft supply store.  When the two of you enter the store, head in opposite directions and starting shopping for unusual items.  Keep in mind what you know to be the other person’s personal style and go for items you know won’t fall into that category.  Grab only a couple of items other than clay and then go grab some clay.  Be as random as you can and don’t get too many things since that might be overwhelming to the other person.  Head to the checkout but make sure you don’t see each other’s items.  When you’re back in the car swap bags and promise each other you won’t open your bags until you are home later.  Surprise, it’s a challenge!  The best part will be when you show each other what you came up with.  You’ll be surprised by how well your imagination works and by how the other person’s work will inspire you.