For my first few years of experimenting with polymer clay, I didn't even try to make millefiori canes. Then again, I refused to use a pasta machine too, go figure… Once I did start caning, that was all I wanted to do! I soon got to a place where I had created loads of canes and wanted some way to archive my progress. In an earlier blog, "Clay Collecting", I featured a piece by Pier Voulkos which was made up of hundreds of cane slices. I thought it was the perfect way to archive a series of cane slices so I started with that idea.

Creating Chains of Cane Clay Projects

I began keeping a slice from every cane that I made. Some of the slices were strung together by the year they were made in. Sometimes I strung together just a series of slices that went together like all face canes or all square canes. The result is a library of cane slices that I've been able to look back at from time to time with fond memories. Sometimes I drag out a chain of slices to encourage or inspire new students. At other times it's fun just to look back and see all the different methods I've used to make a flower. The chains are easy to store, don't take up a lot of room, and help me remember that I have actually made quite a few designs through the years.






How about you? Do you have an organized system for recording your personal journey down the polymer clay road? I'd love to hear about it.

Having fun rolling clay,