Inspiration is truly everywhere we look.  I remember vividly when I first started doing clay back in the olden days of the 20th century, I once grabbed a coffee mug in a coffee shop and said to my friend, "Look! We could do this in clay!"  Needless to say, I wasn't inhibited at all by the fact that the mug was full of coffee - that belonged to a total stranger - who was looking quite confused at the moment (must have been his first cup of the day - he was a little slow to react!)  Anyway, I still find inspiration everywhere.  I often go out to dinner on the weekend with our adopted family members, Jen and Barry.  Part of the ritual is that I order something for take out for my son who is at work.  (Yes, even though he is a CHEF in a restaurant, he wants something to eat when he comes home!)  One evening last week, the waitress set down the takeout box and I immediately grabbed and it and breathlessly said, "Oh COOOOOL!"  The debossed lid was definately an inspiring geometric (Jen declared it very Frank Lloyd Wright-ish).

Anyway, these pendants are the result of this takeout box.  They are just Premo! Black with a little Copper, Bronze and Gold Pearl Ex dotted onto the clay and, once again, GLITTER!  The glitter is sprinkled on top of the Pearl Ex (I used Gold, Copper and Bronze Sculpey Glitter). Press the glitter lightly into the clay, using a sheet of plain paper.  Then I baked all the pieces and assembled the pendants with glue after baking.

I'm really liking how the glitter adds to both the color and texture!

OH!  I have to tell you how I applied the glitter -   I saw my son-the-chef adding salt to a dish and he pulled his arm up as he added the salt.  When I commented on the fact that cameras were NOT rolling, he rolled HIS eyes and said, "We do that so that the flakes separate before they hit the food for more even seasoning."  ANOTHER inspiration!  That's exactly how I added the glitter to these pendants and it WORKS!

Of course, I now have a "glitter only" work station in the backyard so I don't contaminate my work table or glitter bomb it again!