I'm working on some Faux Raku tab beads this week. Using brown hemp cord to assemble them into a bracelet. I used antique brass chain, and large end caps to complete the earthy look.





[caption id="attachment_20309" align="alignleft" width="300"]The pink/orange/gold tab bracelet was an experiment in Faux Raku. The pink/orange/gold tab bracelet was an experiment in Faux Raku.[/caption]

The pink/orange/gold tab bead bracelet, was an experiment of my version of Faux Raku. I used a base of black Premo clay & added texture with extra-large grit sandpaper. I used the Etch n Pearl tool to make uniform holes in the beads. Then, I generously applied Pearl-Ex powders & Perfect Pearls in Orange, using my finger.

Next, I dabbed on some Sculpey TLS, then baked the beads for 30 minutes on a flat tile. The Sculpey TLS caused the Pearl-ex powders to bubble up (looking more like a true ceramic glaze). While the beads were still hot from the oven I added some more TLS liquid clay straight from the squeeze bottle, kind of blobbing it on. I popped them in the oven again for another 30 minutes. After removing them from the oven, I used the heat gun to clarify the liquid clay, and slightly scorch the surface.



sherri4I also made some small round beads to go in-between the tab beads. I used a bronze metallic paint to give them an aged appearance. I think this bracelet would make a great edition to your Fall style!



sherri 2