This tiny wintertime fairy village was so fun to create and set up.  I made it with Bake Shop since I was working with kiddos and this clay is the best for them (according to me anyway).


I hand molded the houses first.  Then I added the roofs to them.  If you want to make sure they stay together as one piece through the baking process, you can always add a broken toothpick in the centers being sure that it doesn't show anywhere.  Add chimneys doors and windows for details.


Dressing up Your Snow Village

The snowman is my favorite.  Truth is, we make a lot of snowmen out of Sculpey clay...for ornaments and wine charms and package decorations!


He is pretty cute posing with this little clay tree too!


Ta Da!  The fairies will love this magical little village.



If you love fairies and wintertime fun, here is a puzzle that you can do with some fun little things to color too.  You can download it FREE here.


Cheers to all things handmade with clay,