The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Sculpey and our fans in many ways.

We are delighted to see both our current fans and those new to the world of clay creating amazing things!

Unfortunately, we were not able to produce at 100% capacity for several months due to the government-mandated COVID-19 business shutdown.  This has resulted in out-of-stock clay in both retail stores and online. 

And for that, we are sorry.

We have seen the posts on social media asking if we are discontinuing Soufflé or Premo clay and the answer is NO!

We love these clay lines as much as you do!

Sculpey Soufflé and Sculpey Premo supplies have been impacted the most during this pandemic as the amount of clay people are using has increased dramatically!

Now, however, we are so happy to be back at 100% capacity and have even added extra shifts to keep clay production humming along.

We know how important our clay is to your creativity and we are doing everything possible to get Sculpey clay back in stock online and in stores where you are.

We appreciate your patience with us as we work hard over the next couple of months to make this happen.  


-The Sculpey Team