[caption id="attachment_18484" align="alignleft" width="102"]Think outside the plate! Think outside         the plate[/caption]


I stumbled on this fabulous website with the best designs in switch plates that you could imagine! If you are like me, you have created many plates that just follow the shape of the plastic plate itself. Well it's time to step outside the box. This leaf was my main inspiration. I love the simplicity and just the right amount of texture, detail and antique. Although this is a metal plate, I can totally see it as a jumping off point for some pretty creative light switch covers.

Decorate Molded Switch Plates

You can choose what ever design coordinates with your own taste in decor. I like to decorate seasonally as well, so I included this summer fish plate as well. I make so much jewelry all the time, that I enjoy trying a home decor project every once in a while to stretch my repertoire, how about you?

[caption id="attachment_18488" align="alignright" width="191"]fish Summer is coming....Yay![/caption]

For more home decor ideas, you can watch my TV Demo in June (date TBD) as I show how to use Chameleon Pens on polymer clay home decor. I will keep you updated when I know the air date!