Who Doesn't Love Images?

party time

Over the years there have been many image transfer techniques developed. Allow me to share two newer ideas for you to try. The first is simple rub-on transfers. You will need to bake a flat or domed white clay piece as your base. This keeps the colors true. These "PARTY TIME" magnets were created with this  method. The fun part is that with the popularity of scrapbooking also came new and fresh rub on designs. Just do a search online and you may be quite surprised at the selection and variety of styles. Just apply them as usual. When your clay is cool, place the rub in transfer with the brightest color side down and rub it on with a popsicle stick (usually provided in the package). I recommend sealing the design with a polymer clay friendly spray sealer, as brushing over the design may lift or pull off tiny particles of the transfer.

transfer bead
The second and most exciting newer technique I like, is using a new transfer paper call "Tranz-Fuze". This special inkjet printer paper actually peels off of the carrier paper backing, so you can wrap your design around a cylinder shape bead. Just think of all the possibilities! It works well on polymer clay (I use Premo) and is coated with a layer of Translucent Liquid Sculpey to make it durable. The five basic steps are PRINT, SEAL, PEEL, PRESS and BAKE. The colors of your image do not fade at all, so what you print is what you get. You can find a more in depth free tutorial on my website at: http://www.shirleyrufener.com/free-tutorials--videos.html