Very often I see the question about how to keep white clay, white.
It seems to be a problem for so many.
It can be done, you can make super white creations.

First of all it is the same for all things and that is actually, practice!
I would like to share with you how I keep my clay white.

Dust and lint are the enemies so store all clay away from dust, don´t just leave your clay out on the table. Store it in a box with a lid or in a drawer, any solution that keeps dust out is good. This goes for your tools too,

Before you start to work with white you need to remove dust and lint from all tools, your clay conditioning machine, work area and from your hands.
I do this by first wiping everything with baby wipes then I take out a piece of scrap clay that I run thru the clay conditioning machine a few times, I roll it all over my table and I make sure that every finger touches the scrap clay..

Never ever answer your phone or go to take a glass of water while your working with white clay, you will for sure get dust on your hands and ruin all your hard work.

When what ever your making is finished but not baked there will probably be some lint on the surface. You can remove this in several different ways.

One way is to take some tape and use the sticky side to pick it up.
Take some water on your finger and wipe away dust.
For dust that lays a bit deeper you could use the tip of a craft knife but that will leave a mark that needs to be removed.
Last option is to sand or scrape it off after baking.

It may sound like a lot of work but it is really worth it as your creations will look absolutely fantastic and you will get the question- " How do you keep your white clay so white?"