Ever see something and think, "ooh, that'd be cool in clay?"  Well, if it's something you see repeatedly, you'd probably better just do it! Such was the case for me.

About two weeks or so ago, I bought a new tablecloth for my dining table.  In the screen printed pattern, there are many variations of a William Morris-esque oakleaf and scroll pattern.    Every night at dinner, my mind would wander as I looked down at the table, thinking about making a mold with that design.  (I think my husband kept wondering if I was listening to our conversation, but he was too nice to call me on it!! LOL)

scroll tablecloth

Its taken me a while to get around to it but I did get a mold made.   I can finally have dinner with a cleared creative consciousness--in other words, I'm not distracted by the pattern anymore, I can put that thought to rest!

scroll mold

In order to make my own low relief sculpted molds, I first bake a backing sheet (the green layer in this example).  My favorite mix is equal parts of Bake & Bend, Ultralight, and Premo.  I make up a large blend of this and make sheets about 4 or 5" square and bake them.  I really like the flexibility and the texture of this mix to carve designs into with Dockyard carvers.  I also use these sheets as the base to sculpt on.  A baked sheet is coated with a thin layer of Liquid Sculpey and the sculpt added in a contrast color.  These are often too thick to be used through the pasta machine, but it is nice to have patterns that are more subtle in the lines and contours than a rubber stamp or many textures available that have only one depth.

Here's a large pendant bead which I made using the sculpted mold.  I haven't quite decided on the bail design yet.  I think I'll see what a bit of PMC in the scroll mold looks like....

scroll and cane beadHave a creative day!!