[caption id="attachment_14382" align="alignnone" width="225"]Sculpey, and antique key, and some crackle paint make me happy! Sculpey, and antique key, and some crackle paint make me happy![/caption]

Hi gang!  Kari McKnight Holbrook here!  Oh my goodness!  I cannot believe it is November already!!  I thought for sure I would have an entire cabinet full of finished projects by now!  However, I find myself looking at the calendar and how close Christmas is and am a bit panicked!  I love to give holiday giftees I have made myself, and Sculpey is my go-to product of choice!  I have been so busy this year, traveling around the country teaching, and I know that many many many of you feel the same!  So this week, I am going to be busy working on projects that will become future classes, and the prototypes will end up in my holiday hostesses possession as a wee thank you!  I have so many exciting things coming down the road, like my exploring DecoArt's new Crackle Paints and glazes!  When combined with Sculpey's Souffle'- OH MY GOODNESS- WONDERFUL!!!  I am SO loving every bit of it!  I love Souffle' and the way it takes paint!!  Being a mixed media artist, I always have to mix up my mediums, so I am forever trying to see what I can combine that normally would not go together- so to that end- all of my experiments this year have been focused on using Sculpey WITH other things.

But let's start with some of my favorite things to play with- black and white and metal jewelry!!!   And as I travel around, I find that black and white are always in favor... So here is a little experiment with that!  I love using the square cutters to make these layers and stack them.  this is what I have now, but I am fairly certain that I am going to take this further.  I LOVE Ice Resin and want to add Ice Resin to the top of each piece, with a little iridescent glitter- I'll try and get on that this week, and post the after photos.  No promises, I'm digging out from being away from home for the better part of 7 months, the last three were continuous!  I'm finding things in boxes I didn't even remember packing!  Stay tuned, and you'll see many of them used with clay!

[caption id="attachment_14383" align="alignnone" width="225"]Black and White Sculpey jewelry is on my Christmas to do list! Black and White Sculpey jewelry is on my Christmas to do list![/caption]