I know many artists look to the outdoors when inspiration disappears and you are probably thinking I am being very predictable, but Mother Nature is amazing isn’t she?

I am lucky to have October as ‘my’ featured month as Autumn shades are emerging, the deep russet and copper tones I can see through my window are truly stunning and because I am not able to access my workshop for a couple of days due to a new piece of equipment being delivered, I’ve taken the opportunity to look for my next project.

After an early morning walk I collected a handful of changing leaves ready for my project and cannot wait to get started.











As nature changes so does the fashion world, floral blooms fade but leaf designs emerge and the shades are increasingly intense ready for (dare I say it) Christmas!

Look to the Changing Seasons for Clay Ideas

I have different design ideas going around my head and although leaves can be whatever colour, shape and size to compliment a design, I want to include a natural product to the creations so I have added a wooden bail dyed with alcohol inks for the first design and my ‘go to’ design of a bead and tassel I find so easy to wear.

It never ceases to amaze me how versatile a tiny block of polymer clay can be, you can create whatever look/feel you want, what other craft medium can do that?