What’s Black and White and Cool All Over?

By Teresa Pandora Salgado

We live in a world of wonder and abundance…well, clay-wise that is; and that’s good enough for me! I love having the choice between making complex cane projects that require hours of work, to quick creations that require nothing but clay and cool products. That’s where the Sculpey Clay Silk Screen Kit comes in. Sculpey has hooked us up with a technique that always delights and never fails. Now, the kit comes with generous bottles of high quality paint, one silver and one gold; but my legendary curiosity was piqued the first time I used the kit. (Oooh, what other colors could I use?)  I wanted black and white; so I tried the acrylic paints I had on hand and … SUCCESS! It worked perfectly. I can’t wait to try every color I have. Hint: Copper paint on Souffle Pesto is gorgeous and super classy.

Black and White Bangle Jewelry



Here is a link to my FREE Sculpey Silk Screened Bangle Tutorial.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExHG-4vUoQc