At my last opportunity to blog a couple of months ago, the last blog I featured one of my tikis on the deck (see blog below) who often shows behind me when I did a Sculpey video.  Well, he had lost an eye and I mentioned that one of my goals this summer was to replace his eyes with Sculpey eyes (of COURSE!).  Hey! I managed to get it done and summer isn't even over yet!  Believe it or not, I used an eye cane that I created over 12 years ago to decorate in my bedroom when I moved back into my parents house after my dad died.  


It was still stored in a little plastic drawer, so I pulled it out and discovered that it was still a viable cane!  Now granted, it is the "old" clay with the phalates in it, but 12 years and still pliable and ready to use!  I do nothing special for my storage, most of you know that my "deluxe designer studio" is actually my Dad's old workshop in the garage.  No heat, no insulation, not even finished walls, but my dad's workbench still dominates my area and our bycycle license numbers are still written on the wooden walls in my dad's handwriting... I digress.  I have some canes stacked in drawers separated by waxed paper and some just stacked on top of each other.  I check them once in awhile (when I'm looking for more storage space) and am always amazed that they remain in condition. So I pulled it out, sliced a couple of pieces an experimented with size and shape.  As usual, simple is always best!


Anyway, with no further is my Big Guy and his new set of eyes!


I'm off to try to tame a little of the jungle in my front yard and then it's a "free" clay day - no assignments, but tons of stuff on my mental list to try!