Written by: Miranda Farrand

What to do when I have the flu...well; make a crazy critter or ten. My new year rang in like many others I'm sure, sick and feverish laying in bed. I certainly didn't want to start the first day of a new year that way but apparently the flu bug thought otherwise. After being out of commission, body wracked by intense aches and pains for several days, I couldn't take the inactivity any longer and forced myself to sit at my work table (a.k.a. the dining room table where my family would like to eat meals) and see what my hands would come up with. I certainly ended up with a wide variety of insane little critters; from a crazed rat holding "head-cheese", a dachshund through the snow figurine, a swimming goose outside the water, an "Easter" seal, a toothy walrus to a zombiefied bunny rabbit to describe a few. As you can see from my works-in-progress picture, you never know quite what to expect when you play with clay when you should be in bed sleeping off a fever. I can't wait to see how they all finish acquiring their personalities once I finally kick this illness goodbye. Hope everyone else out in clay-land had a happier, healthier start to their new year. The moral of my post is, no matter how you feel, there's always a good reason to get your clay out and give it a squish or two.

Clay Fever