First, as I've said many times, the colors really surprised me when I opened the test box of clay. But after a full day of working with it, I realized how they were designed to go together and pop against each other. They look like custom colors right out of the package.

Second, when I was traveling and showing artists at guilds Souffle, they ALWAYS asked me, "But can you sand and buff it?" My response was always, "Why would you want to?" The surface of Souffle is so unique, I couldn't understand why they would want to make it look like other clays.

So here is a cool thing about Souffle - if you sheet it through the pasta machine, the surface looks like smooth leather. If you extrude it, the surface has a "scale" to it like suede. And better yet, the pasta machine sheet will develop it's own sheen with wear very quickly.

The Cinnamon bracelet is sheeted clay and it developed that beautiful worn leather look in about a week. The grey bracelet is extruded and I've worn this non-stop for about 2 months - in the shower, in the pool.

The other surprising thing is how strong, yet flexible this clay is! When I unwrap that grey bracelet from my wrist (mostly to check that the clasp hasn't sealed together on my wrist!) people are in awe of the flexibility and strength of the clay.

Of course the really cool thing to me is that surface is like a "tooth" for surface treatments. I love, love surface work and this clay loves it as well! Stains, paints, silkscreens, transfers, powders - Souffle says bring it on!

This piece is created with the Citadel paints and just textured Souffle. So fun to create!