No matter if working with polymer clay is your hobby, your creative outlet or it is your art form, we are all not inspired at times. We feel we are doing the same old same old again and again and just have no ideas at one point. It happens to everyone. The point is: not to stay un-inspired and un-creative!


But how do you do that? Well there is no “one thing fixes all” solution to this problem. And it definitely is a personal solution you have to find, but it is good to hear what others are doing, and trying out what works best for you.



To give you some ideas what you could do, I will tell you a bit about what works for me. My first and best inspiration kick start is to travel and see new things doing so. Of course travelling are the high lights and I can not do that all the time. So I have to find some kind of smaller version of travelling.


Doing something new or unusual is a close second to travelling and that much better fits into my normal live. Going to a place in my town I have never been to or a museum I have not been exploring are always good options. Or maybe a nice new coffee shop. And while I am there: try out something I have not eaten before!




Basically the intention behind it is to take time off your normal routine and have a new experience that gets you out of the things you normally do.


Meeting up with friends is another great idea! Sometimes you have not seen each other for a while or did not make time for it. Ask them what they are doing right now and tell them what you have been up to. Connecting with your tribe is never wrong…;-)



Often I do make the time to go an explore when friends (especially from out of town) come for a visit. I play the tour guide and show them my town. And discover new things while doing so! Not everyone looks at the same things and if I go around with others they point out things that I totally missed. Bonus points for both of us!



Or you can also pretend you are not from here and try to see things through a strangers eyes. Get lost on purpose and ask someone for directions. Go to a grocery store or market that you normally don’t go to.


Or do a little trip to a nearby location that you like to visit, but don’t see often. The most important thing however is to have an open mind and eyes and try to find new, interesting or odd things! Take picture as you go along, or even sketch if you like. That helps to really look at things! And you don’t need much to do that. Most mobile phones have inbuilt cameras today and that you carry with you nearly all the time.

When I have taken the time do do any of these “explore trips” as I like to call them, I always come back and I am inspired and creative again. It always works!