Rememeber when a new school year started and the teacher would ask you to share or do a report on, "What you did on your summer vacation"? Well I thought that would be a good place to start off my blogging month. Here on the Oregon Coast the kids in town just started back to school yesterday (the day after Labor Day), so schedules are changing and Fall is about to set in.


I've been thrilled to have more time to clay this summer and have began to create free online "How To" videos for PolymerClayTV, a podcast on YouTube. It's been a blast! This is what I've done so far...

Sculpey Jewelry Projects


My first video project was "How to Create a Faux Ceramic Pendant" using soft pastel chalks (a favortite medium of mine!) witjh a glass-like finish of two-part epoxy resin for a true glazed ceramic look. You can see the YouTube video on the polymerclaytv channel which you can also subscribe to for free videos by various polymer clay me! 


The second video was just as much fun. I'd been holding onto this idea for several years and thought that a video would do it justice. It is on"Extruded and Molded Shower Curtain Hook Charms". My designs for this project were fairly simple but I hope it will be a new project idea to spring board your creativity.


My third video aired in July. It taught viewers how to create a "Textured, Inked & Linked Bracelet" using the new Sculpey Technique Design Block Tools and Texture Sheets, topped with shimmering pigment ink on black polymer clay. These types of ink pads work fabulously on black clay and make the designs really pop!



Then, my most recent video is on "How to Make Clay Purse Handles" for felted, sewn or old purses that need an update. It will teach you all the basic steps to creating durable handles, plus sample purses I've made coordinating handles for. 

This video is also a promo of sorts for my digital Craft E-Book "Making Polymer Clay Purse Hanldes" which is available on my website and is also sold at Spumoni, my Etsy Shop, as an instrant download.


Even though the summer months have ended, my videos wont, so please check out my blogs right here for what's coming up this month! The above free videos should keep you busy 'til my next entry!



(dba Spumoni)