Welcome to my home studio. I am one of the most fortunate artists I know of because my husband is so supportive of my art (habit, addiction, whatever you wanna call it). A couple years ago Tom decided that my studio needed to be remodeled and I'd like to share how awesomely he remodeled it here with you.

As you can see, there are great windows over looking my work space and lots of open counters that are all polymer clay compatible. And oh the drawers! I love all my drawers! They are almost all full of fun stuff to play with! But that's not all...

I also have a cozy little office space for when I absolutely have to do computer work or bookkeeping.

Here is my little kitchenette, complete with sink perfect for wet sanding finished pieces.

Have you noticed yet that all the walls are different colors? I just love that part. When people first visit my studio they say, "what a great space for the kids". To which I indignantly respond, "THIS is MY office".... but I do share with my kids.

I like to call this area "the employee break room". I don't actually have any employees but I think it's fun to say that, don't you? The back wall is decorated with a display of my children's art.

And here's the lounge, my awesome retreat for getting inspired and thinking creative thoughts. Yes, that enormous M&M guy is FULL of candy to keep the creative juices flowing. This room also has a movie theater in it which Tom made sure I could see perfectly from my work station. That way, on not so creative days, I can bribe myself to get busy by offering myself a movie while I work.