Like so many others out there, I spend my work day stationed in a 3 walled standard grey cubicle. I find that no matter how much of those awful grey walls is covered by a calendar, diagrams, and assorted reference sheets that it still feels terribly drab.  I’ve been wanting to find ways to add a little color and personality to my work space.  I initially thought of making polymer picture frames but got stuck figuring out to hang them.  The walls of my cubicle are made up of a material that is something akin to burlap so my first thought was to use Velcro.  I decided that if I needed to move the frames I’d probably end up tugging on the fibers of the walls and I didn’t want to damage anything.

After about a couple of days of contemplation I realized the answer was in front of me the whole time.  I’ve been using these nifty little squeeze clips to hang things on the walls, these clips have pins on the back that slide down into the material to hold the clip in place.  Ah-Ha!  I can make my piece and embed a t-pin in the back to mimic the clips.  Great, now that I’ve got that all figured out I have to decide what to make as an experiment.  I thought back to when I first moved into my little work space and recalled one of the first things I put up was a paper cut-out of a doorbell (sounds not included).  That poor little doorbell lasted for about 3 months before crumbling under the pressure of so many people coming over pressing the paper and saying “ding-dong”, or in the case of folks who are obviously apartment dwellers, “buzzzzz”.  I missed my little doorbell so I decided a new doorbell would be my first project.  The idea of adding a t-pin to the back of the polymer doorbell worked out great.  I was so excited that it worked that I knew I had to share this as a project.  I hope y’all get some ideas for your own decorations and add some brightness to your workspace.

Inspiration- gretchen cubical