By Debbie Bulford

Whilst studying Interior Design I discovered a really interesting fact: we all have a ‘safe colour’! I know this sounds strange but it will all become clear I promise!

Even though you may follow fashion and colour trends, everyone will have one colour that they keep returning to. What happens if that clashes with the rest of the décor? Then to feel ‘safe’ you can add that colour in a soap in a bathroom, buttons on a cushion, stripe in a rug or the centre of a flower in a picture. I guarantee that if you look around your house you will find a hint of your favourite colour in every room whether you planned it or not!

The same rule applies to your wardrobe and jewellery, there may be a colour or shape you keep returning to. How many times have you put on an outfit and thought “I wish I had a necklace just a little shorter, bigger etc..” but there will be one necklace you will look at and wish you had it in every shade because it just looks and feels right.

How to Identify Your Clay Safe Color

Here is a good tip: for a week have a note pad by the wardrobe and when you get dressed make a note everyday – Day one necklace in denim blue 18inches long and pendant 4cm round, Day two earrings needed in black and white 3cm long with matching long pendant 30inch chain, metallic finish. After a week you will see a pattern of length of cord, size/shape of pendant etc… this really makes life easier when making your designs, you will no longer create designs that sit in a large box never to be sanded and finished, I know we all have plenty of those!!!

It is different when you sell your designs, you have to combine colours out of your comfort zone, but I am sure when you do sell at a craft fairs or online, the first item to sell is the one design you actually wanted to keep because you have put your heart and soul into creating something that appeals to you! Is this telling you something?

Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new techniques and exploring the possibilities of new shapes but I still come back to 2/3 favourites I feel comfortable wearing.

Every designer would love to be recognised by their ‘style’, take another look at your creations, your ‘style’ may already be there!