20 - more watercolors

I absolutely love painting with watercolors (if you follow me on Instagram you probably have already noticed this), and I especially love the beautiful effects that are created as the paint randomly scatters across the page.


What’s great is that you can create a similar effect using polymer clay. I first got the idea when I saw this tutorial by Something Peach for making gorgeous watercolor coasters out of clay.
Basically, you just add a little bit of color to white clay, and knead it together partially until you like the way it looks. What’s great about this effect (and watercolors in general) is that you don’t have to be precise, and whatever you do ends out looking great.

watercolor polymer clay hearts

A few months ago I played around with this idea and ended out using very tiny heart shaped cutters to make watercolor hearts. I made a LOT of little hearts, and played around with a lot of different colors, but I especially love the way the blue and pink ones turned out.