Upcycling Polymer Clay

My title today is what I should have been thinking when I was too quick to toss a cuff bracelet into my 'donate to a thrift store' box. If you know me at all, you know that I try not to waste anything. I'm a believer in reusing, recycling or even better..."upcycling"!

Up close there is some interesting fracturing and the colors aren't too terrible, but from a few feet away from the wearer of this cuff it looks too blah. I ran across it this week sorting through my box of thrift store donations and thought maybe I can save the Polyform cuff inside, to make another bracelet! After I tried bending and twisting the clay (which did absolutely nothing to the cuff), I followed these steps:

1. Place your clay covered cuff on a sturdy work surface or you can hold it in your hand, which ever feels the most comfortable. Always carve AWAY FROM YOU. I first carved away the top edge of the baked clay, with a craft knife-that is made just like a kitchen paring knife (but save for clay use only after using any kitchen tool). I was surprised at how easy it came off when I worked on about 1/2" at a time. I repeated this step for the opposite curved edge.

2. I then proceeded to carve away the clay form each end of the cuff.

3. Once I finished, the clay separated easily from the metal cuff, even though I had used Translucent Liquid Sculpey to secure it to the metal. As you may know, clay needs to be re-glued to metal, unless the metal is "encased" as it was on my cuff. If metal is showing, you can bake it together with the clay, pull it apart and then reglue your baked clay to metal.

4. And viola! My shiny Polyform cuff, ready to be decorated with something much more interesting and possibly more colorful. Success is sweet.