With planting season just ahead, I thought these vegetable stakes would be a great project to do. They can be an inspiration for other vegetable and flower ones too. You can have a whole garden full of these.

Purple- on #1, roll out a sheet of clay and cut out one 1 ¾ x 3 inch rectangle for the base. With the super slicer, cut off the ends of the rectangle. Cut one 1x1 square for the back of the stake, to hold the wooden skewer.

Yellow-on #1, roll out a sheet of clay and cut out a 5/8 inch high strip, making it long enough to fit the name of the vegetable.

Sky blue-on#1, roll out a sheet of clay and cut out a 7/16 inch high strip, slightly longer then the yellow one.

Carrot- make two orange clubs, 1 1/4 inch length each. Press short lines into them. Make two small flattened drops. Press a hole into the tops of the carrots, attach the green drops to them and cut into the green drop.

Corn-make two yellow clubs, each 1 1/4 inch long. Press a grit pattern into them. Make nine flattened long drops in leaf green, each one inch long. Press lines into the lea fs and place them around the corn.

Peas-in leaf green, make two flattened ovals each 1 1/4 inch long. Make three small balls and a couple of squiggles. On one long side press the ovals together to shape the pea shell place the peas inside and at the squiggles to the bottom.

Assemble: Attach the yellow and sky-blue strips to the purple base and then attach the vegetables. Bake and let them cool. With liquid Sculpey attach the small purple square to the purple base with the wooden skewer in between. Then bake again.