For a polymer clay artist, celebrations are great since it lets us become creative with a particular theme. I was able to create a fantastic Valentine's Day scene by making a variety of clay miniatures.







To make these mini sponge heart cakes, mix Ultralight clay with some colour and cut out into heart shapes. Mix Translucent Liquid Sculpey with some light pink clay and 'ice' your cakes. Use nail art accessories (since they come super tiny!) to decorate your cakes.








Before you make Candy Pops (or even cake pops), cut off small pieces of coloured paper-clip. Make sure they are straight so that you can use it as the stick. The blue and pink marshmallow layer looks very light and fluffy because it is also made from Sculpey Ultralight.









I used Sculpey Soufflé (White, Cherry Pie and So 80s) for the lollipops and gently nudged the shape into a heart. Remember to gloss them afterwards to give it that sugar shine. Soufflé doesn't look translucent but it makes the colour pop nicely and I think that the texture is perfect for this type of miniature.








This Box of Candy took a few days to create since you will need to bake the parts separately. After the box base is cured, you can proceed in making the white cavity base. Before that, have your miniature chocolate candy ready (and cured) as you will need to imprint the shape into the clay to create the cavity. I used Soufflé white since it is soft enough to mould into a tight space. The white Soufflé cured into a velvety finish so it added more realism. I made the box using Sculpey III Princess Pearl that looks so stunning for Valentine's Day.






This year it is all about chocolate! These chocolate cookies were made from Ultralight clay with some chocolate clay. The awesome thing about Ultralight is that the texture is great for cookies since you rarely have to texturize it. I carefully mixed pastel clay with some Clay Softener so it is slightly mushy and carefully moulded flowers onto the cookie using a needle tip. The border and 'LOVE' is written carefully using a mix of Translucent Liquid Sculpey and clay.