Mixed media art is defined as a combination of different materials being used together to create one piece of art.

If anything is added to polymer clay, then by definition a piece of mixed media art has been made. This could be as simple as adding a little paint, chalk, or ink to your piece, or more elaborate by adding inclusions like glass, sand, flocking powders, embossing powders, or combing it with fabric, wire, metal, paper or resin. The list is endless.

I love to experiment with different materials, and polymer clay still remains my constant favourite, and the main part of my work. Below you will find examples of some mixed media pieces I have created and what I have used to create them.

I like to create fantasy creatures and dolls, and as polymer clay can be made to look like almost anything it’s the perfect material for the job.

I made this Viking doll several years ago, and many materials were used to create him.

He was created using a combination of polymer clay, aluminium foil, wood, fabrics, leather scraps, faux fur, buttons, paint and glue. He was definitely a labour of love, but mixed media work doesn’t need to be as complicated as this. It can be really simple like in the examples of the hermit crab, mandrakes and snail below.

To make the crab, all that was needed was a shell, some beads and polymer clay. The baby mandrakes were made with some polymer clay painted with alcohol inks and then a small artificial plant was glued into the head. The snail was made using a large snail shell, polymer clay, glass beads, and acrylic paint.

Surface techniques also fall under the mixed media heading.

Textured polymer clay and chalk were used to create this piece of faux wood, while flocking powder mixed in with flesh coloured clay created the perfect blotchy skin effect for this nose fridge magnet.

Here I have created these pendants by painting the surface of unbaked clay with a combination of chalk, acrylic paint and gold foil. Clear liquid clay was then used as a glaze, but resin could also have been used to get the same effect.

Glass eyes are another fun addition to polymer clay work, and they can instantly add life to piece. Here a combination of textured clay, pastels, acrylic paint and glass eyes have been used to bring the dragon and tiger to life.

I really do love working with polymer clay. I love how I can add almost anything to it and make look like something entirely different.

I hope that these examples will inspire and encourage everyone to look at polymer clay in a new way.

Let your imaginations run wild!

Experiment and have fun, and see what you can create next with this wonderful and versatile medium.

It really is pure magic!

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