maycolorbits1Whenever I do the New Color Tuesday mixes, I end up with some really nice "bits" left on my table.  The colors always go really well with each other because most of them contain bits of a single (mix) color.  This is a photo of one of the "bit stacks" that I created. I even like the patterns that the Sculpey Nested Circle Cutters make on the index card when I cut out the clay.  Anyway, after I mixed the May Fluorescent Pink mix colors, I ended up with a wild assortment of colors.  I grabbed the Sculpey molds, made a quick mokume gane stack and went to work!


First I twisted all the color bits up like I was going to do a Natasha bead.  Then I flattened this out into a pad of marbled clay.  I used the Sculpey ball tools to push texture into maycolorbits2BOTH sides of the marbled pad. Then I made thin slices across the top to reveal the mokume gane effect.

maycolorbits3Next I rolled a small ball of a coordinating background color (Premo! Accents Purple Pearl). I layed the thin sheet of mokume gane in the Sculpey cabochon mold and then pressed the Purple Pearl on top of it to fill the mold.maycolorbits4  I carefully sliced away the excess and popped the new cabochon out of the mold.  Now, these molds are silicon, so I could have just put the entire mold, with the clay in place, into the oven and baked it in the mold, but I had lots more mokume gane to play with!

maycolorbits5Now that I had some great cabochons, I needed to make the bezels too.  I chose the same Purple Pearl and created the bezel, carefully removing them from the mold.  I placed the cab into the bezel and used the needle portion of a Etch and Pearl to impress dots and lines into the bezel.  This also helped to push the bezel up against the cab.  Again, I usually elect to bake the bezel in the mold so that it is a perfect fit, but I wanted to make several right NOW. NO more plain gold or silver bezels, now we can make Purple Pearl bezels with embossed patterns in them if we want! WOOHOO!

The end result is just colorful fun.  It reminds me of disco for some reason (classic disco is my walking music).May colors