Twisted Polymer Clay Creations

twist 1



Sometimes the most simple twist of events, or in this case of clay, can make a good piece into a fabulous piece of art. These samples show some surface decorated sheets of polymer clay that in the end were twisted which added so much more interest! This beauty is by Lorraine Vogel of WiredOrchid. Notice the one side is textured and the other looks like Makume Gane.




twist Helen



The next photo may look very familiar to you if you have seen Helen Breal's work. She has a wonderful talent to cut various shapes with cutters, twist the shapes and then add a focal bead or button. I have and adore her E-Book titled "Shapes- 25 Inspirational Designs in Polymer Clay".  Her unique textures, made in rubber texture sheets are also amazing and there is quite a variety to choose from.



twst 2



These gorgeous earrings by Kathleen Dustin show us a different technique of creating an elongated striped  bead and then twisting it for a very dynamic effect!






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Here are three small extruded wall vases by Macone Clay, a talented clay artist! I sure notice how the twist creates shadows on the pieces which adds so much interest.