I'm back with my second blog...and I have three tips for your tonight.

These tips came from Pinterest, a great source for clay work, trends and ideas! Simply use the points on a corn cob holder to create evenly spaced starter holes in your clay. Then, use a Etch 'N Pearl tool to create the holes before baking. All of your button holes will be uniform!

The second one is also about holes. Try using a leather punch (I happen to have one so I am thrilled about this one) to punch nice, clean holes in baked polymer clay for pendants, earring findings, and much more. One more thought: I imagine the texture on this circle is created with tread tape, something I just read about a few nights ago. It looks just like the deep etched crinkle pattern that this tape makes.

And the last one for tonight, even though this photo is for painting little dots...try making tiny polka dots impressions with the head of a sewing pin. They are even and clean! You could even make tiny flower imprints with a dot, then 5 or 6 dots around the center one.