Well, I'm still unpacking from the trip to the Oklahoma Twister Retreat but I wanted to share some photos with you.




One of the classes was all about toner-based transfers.  Tom had his b/w photos printed at one of the office stores on a fairly thick, but uncoated, paper.  We tried the transfer, using regular rubbing alcohol, like I do with my Laser printed transfers on (cheap) computer paper.  Tom's didn't transfer all the ink, but it came out a beautiful warm tint on the Pearl Premo.  Take a look!                                                                             



Transfer Clays With the Oklahoma Guild

We also worked some some transfers and alcohol pens after they were baked. Look at how perfect the transfers came out!





Here is a shot of a work in progress.  I like to color, so I brought some pretty cool transfers to color on.  I was DYING to do them to!






The Oklahoma guild is a bunch of talented artists for sure.  One lady has only been to FOUR meetings and her transfer bracelet came out PERFECT.  PERFECT transfer, PERFECT cut job, PERFECT joint meet.  PERFECT color of clay for that pattern..


LOOK AT THIS!  She is going going places in the clay world!