I'm taking advantage of my two extra days off by spending time at my clay table experimenting and preparing for my January blog month on Sculpey.com. These were *supposed" to be bracelet blanks I was going to cover. (You know, the kind you put on a soda can like I did years ago, but this time they were already cut in pieces.)  I had some 18K Gold Premo and some Gold Premo on my work table that I decided to mix up to use as the base beads.  But the mixed gold patterning came out so beautifully, I decided to keep them and not cover them. (The 18K was a little stiffer than the Gold, which caused this patterning. I've done the same with Copper/Bronze and Bronze/Peacock before.)

I still intended to create the bracelet, but as I cleaned off space to string the bracelet (you know that 10x10 inch space we all tend to work in), I stacked the pieces to the side.  When I saw the stack, I was intrigued and decided to make a pendant.  I strung the bottom 3 pieces with the beads before gluing the other 3 pieces on top.  Doing it again, I should have used Oven Bake Clay Adhesive to adhere the pieces together (and rebake of course!) before stringing to make it even stronger.  It's a dramatic piece, but it's certainly a left turn from where I began! Now I'm considering doing a necklace where ALL the beads are made this way - sort of Game of Thrones neckpiece (Oh! with pearls in between!).  What do you think?  Will it lay right or do I need to wear massive velvet doublets to support it?