The Joy of Scrap Clay

 Teresa Pandora Salgado


Got scrap? I think we all do. Some of my most relaxing times revolve around it. After all, what have you got to lose? I especially love to make Natasha pieces. If you’ve ever made a Natasha bead or pendant, you may have asked yourself, who is Natasha? For years I had trouble finding the answer to that burning question. I’m annoyingly curious by nature (after all, Pandora is my middle name) but when it comes to polymer I’m doubly inquisitive. For years I’ve called the technique mirror caning or magic beads because I just couldn’t bear to use someone’s name without knowing its origin. So, after much digging I have the answer.

Using the Natasha Method for Leftover Clay

The Natasha method, which is combining leftover cane and scrap pieces into a loaf and cutting it down the middle, then “booking” the pieces to form patterns, is named after artist Natasha Flechsig. I found the info in Dotty MCMillan’s excellent book Creative Ways with Polymer Clay. Natasha herself is still a bit of a mystery woman. There is little information about her to be found; but, at least we can now rest easy, knowing that Natasha Flechsig gave us a wonderful way to feel good about scrap.

Materials used:

Sculpey Premo Peacock Pearl, Bright Green Pearl, Antique Gold

Sculpey Premo Fuchsia, Cadmium Yellow, Black, White Translucent

Sculpey Gloss Glaze

Antique Gold findings and Turquoise Pearls-Fire Mountain