Have you seen and tried the new Sculpey texture sheets?

There are many very versatile patterns included, in a variety of scale and fun patterns.  I have been playing with them for several months and thought I'd share a project that combines some simple techniques to good effect. I started with a layer of the brick pattern in black clay.  This was accented with green metallic paint on the high points.

The next layer is the honeycomb stamp in Ecru Premo antiqued with brown acrylic paint for a faux wood look.

The top layer is my version of faux cinnabar using the cherry blossom stamp on Pomegranate clay.  I first brush the surface with mica powder and then apply a wash of black alcohol ink. After baking, the cinnabar layer is sanded and polished.

The last few years at the Bead & Button show, I've been shopping for interesting small bead frames to fill with clay or a small bead.  This one is pewter.  I drill fairly low on the piece for the wire and bend it upward and through the frame and accent bead.  Form a wrapped loop at the top over both the upward and downward wires and trim the upward wire flush with the wrap.

Happy claying!