I have loved handmade ceramics since before I even discovered polymer clay back in 2006! But, believe it or not, to my knowledge I have never made an earthen clay sculpture (unless it was as a kid). I am sure I will as it intrigues me to say the least. Ceramicist who hand sculpt their creations frequently rely on texture as a main design element as seen here in these four cute birds by an award winning artist, Davis Vachon (on facebook as "Sue Davis Vachon Gallery"). They are beautiful and yet have just a touch of color added to them. Sometimes I think it's a good idea to try to make a polymer clay piece where the texture stands alone. I can tell that the placement of Sue's texture designs were carefully planned out as they all seem to flow with the shape of the bird's body and wings. She uses simple shapes as well, which brings out the beauty of the texture.

Here is another great example of all texture with no color added. This jewelry is by Japanese artist Kimiko Suzuki and is made of porcelain. It is so delicate and the texture brings each piece to life. It is ery calming and surreal.


And finally some great bracelets. Again colorless, but with a beautiful raised texture and plenty of interest. These were created by Kathrine Wheeler at kathrinewheelerblogspot.com What I notice about these that I truly like, is the artistic, slight unevenness they have. I have to "try" to allow the artistic side of imperfection and not a machine-made look come out, when it comes to sculpting.