In the Grand Ole Days of polymer clay, there was an artist living in Alabama/Georgia who organized twelve of us for a "Birthday Club" at one of the first Ravensdales (so we are talking 1998ish).  Someone had a birthday each month and we all made the very best clay creation to send to them. And when it was YOUR birthday month.  My goodness!  The treasures arrived all month.  I still have all of mine and will share those at a later date.  More importantly, I believe that she also organized the first national bead swap!  The theme was black and white.  I wired my collection from the swap to a hat band (the first of many hat bands for me, but more on THAT later too!)

I thought I would share photos of that old hat with you:TBT bead swap 4TBT bead swap 3TBT bead swap 2TBT bead swap 5

TBT bead swap 1






The influence of Z Kripke is obvious with all the petroglyphs. The black flower cane is mine.  I believe that the Statue of Liberty is Marie Segal's.  Do you recognize your bead in these photos?  If you do, please let me know!  Also, if you remember the artist's name who organized this swap and the Birthday Club, I would love to know!  (Barbara Something...?) - syndee holt