bolo ties final Who doesn't have a man in their family that hasn't complained about having to wear a tie to an event? Especially this month - the height of the wedding season and wedding suits.  Well, it's also Father's Day time, so don't buy him a tie, make him a bolo tie! Yes, it's old school and yes, it's comfortable, and YES, it WILL be a conversation piece! Even that modern hipster son of yours might like to sport one at his next ironic get-together  You can make it to match his blue eyes, his favorite shirt, even his snakeskin hatband.   Shoot, toss any scrap you have on the hollow bead maker (large for regular guys, medium for the ironic hipster so that it doesn't overwhelm his random facial hair).  Bake it, then mount it on another sheet of clay, add extruded bits around the edge and rebake.  Done!  The tough part may be finding the bolo tie finding (I had a couple left from years ago), but try Tandy Leather (they have everything for bolos).  Then balance out the bottom of the laces with anything that feels appropriate to the art.  I used a couple of bead cores here and some gears from the great Timbolo ties bottom Holtz collection to balance out these two.

My mokume gane version is made with Souffle Bluestone (I'm currently obsessed with this color), Poppy Seed and Igloo.  The snakeskin is made with Premo! Accents Antique Gold, the Sculpey texture sheet (snakeskin).  Painted with dark brown paint and sprinkled with verdigris embossing powder.


Hey, if you have leftovers, why not make a little set for yourself to wear?  It's not quite matchy-matchy, but it WILL make it clear that this Ain't No Store-Bought Accessories.


Besides, who doesn't like a One for Him/Two for Me deal?

2 for me