Ok, so I was sooo excited, I started my blog LAST month, when I was supposed to start THIS month.. and it's a blog series based on my wacky living room, so I need to repost the first to get us rolling.  But first, I have to share that I was just in the kitchen making my dinner and I heard the first campers of the season at Camp Surf around the block from us!  Spring is here in SoCal!

Honoring Alice in Wonderland With Premo! Clay




I hope your Winter hasn't been too long or too cold.  We've had a very cool Winter here in Southern California. Yes, we get shell shocked when the temperature drops below 65 degrees...


I thought I would start of my month of blogging with one of my favorite pieces that is still in my living room.  It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and many people have called my house the Rabbit Hole because of the Alice stuff I've collected. And the 6 foot high red velvet chair and primary colors on the rest of the furniture and walls probably doesn't do a lot to dispell that idea.


Anyway, I made this 12 inch high vase when Skinner Blends were fairly new to the clay community and the texture sheets were brand new. The vibrant Premo! colors were used to create skinner blended clay sheets that are backed onto black clay. I don't remember if the black backing was an accident or if I meant to do it, because it makes them seem to float against the black clay covered vase. Yeah, I'm gonna say I did it on purpose (it probably was a little of both).  I used the scraps left from the blends to roll the snakes of clay that create the "squiggles" of color between the pieces.


I've never tired of this vase. It sits with in its place of honor next to the red velvet chair, surrounded by my Alice collection.