brussel-sprout img_0169 picture-033Inspiration can be found all around us if we take a moment to really look.  I’ve always had a fascination with the tiny little details found in nature.  Well before I got into polymer clay I enjoyed taking close-up photos of all manner of plant life. As I’ve worked with clay I’ve gone back to some of those photos to find inspiration.  Like many artists before me I discovered that nature offers us an infinite variety of examples of shape, color, and pattern.  The colors and striations in tree lichen make for great examples of color, pattern, and shape.  A close-up of a stalk of Brussel sprouts is a prime example of how a color combination we might have shied away from can actually be quiet beautiful.  Columbine, one of my favorite flowers, has an absolutely fabulous shape.

If you want to see some wonderful examples of nature inspired work check out the following artists: Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Donna Kato, Kathleen Dustin, Christie Friesen, and Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg.