Have you noticed the Polyform logo or my name on recent photos I've posted here?  That's because I made a custom brush in Photoshop with the logo and one with my name.  Tricky right?  Actually, it's really stupid simple and takes about 15 seconds. (Okay, it take ME about 2 minutes to pick the font though.) I can't believe I already knew this but didn't think to use it until I started seeing my photos posted in other Pinterest sights with no mention of my name!  If you don't have Photoshop, but your photo software has a brush palette (or selection) look for a custom brush option!


August-2-300x200First, if you have a logo:

  • Open the logo in PS, convert it to black and white (if it isn't already) (select Image>Mode>black and white)
  • Selected Edit>Define Brush Set  (could also say Define Custom Brush, or just Custom Brush - depends on the version)
  • This dialog window will appear so name your brush and click OK
  • sig 3
  • done!  This brush will appear at the bottom of your brushes.


To make a signature brush:

  • Open a new file, select your font and type your name - any size, any color (but black is best - hit the "D" button to reset the default color to black)
  • Look at your layers.  This layer is called Layer 1.  Click on the Background layer below and then click on your layer you just created.  The name will change from Layer 1 to your name (or text you typed)sig1
  • Click on Edit (right next to File in the upper left corner).  Select Define Brush Set and the Brush Name dialog window (shown above in logo) will appear.  Name your brush and click OK
  • The new brush will appear at the bottom of your brush palette!

So how do you use this new brush?

  • Select the brush (little brush picture in the tools), close the brush palette by hitting Enter or clicking on the workspace,  select the palette color and click you mouse ONCE where you want it to go.  OK, you can actually click more than once, just don't move the brush!  If you move the brush, this is what will happen:sig4
  • Want an even easier way than trying to decide what color to use for your brush for each photo?  Set the brush mode to Soft Light and set the opacity to about 25% (give orsig 2 take - make it 56% if you wish!) Make sure that your color palette is set to black (just click your "D" button to reset to default black/white with black on top)
  • Place the brush where you want it and click your mouse repeatedly until you get the density you want.  Soft Light will automatically use the color below and just darken it slightly.
  • Oh I know you clay people are rebels!  Go ahead and hit your "X" key to reverse the palette to white, place your signature and click several times.
  • broken worlds final
  • sig5NOTICE THAT I DIDN'T MENTION WHAT SIZE FONT TO USE TO MAKE YOUR SIGNATURE?  That's because it doesn't matter...  Your right and left bracket keys will make the signature brush (or any brush) larger or smaller (right is larger, left is smaller).

Shortcut key review:

D key - resets color palette to default black

X key - toggles color palette to bottom color (in default that is white)

Bracket keys - make the brush or clone tool larger or smaller

Post a photo with your new signature key on Sculpey FB page!