I really love sunflowers!   I think they are such a happy flower.   I finally grew a few small ones this year.

Next year I would really like to try to grow a row of the big Mammoth ones.   Anyway, sunflowers are a fun fall flower.

Although most have gone by now I thought it would be fun to try to make one using the Sculpey push mold that has leaves and flower petals.

I used Premo Cadmium yellow and Premo Raw Sienna clays, the perfect sunflower colors.   It was really fun and easy.

I started by just making a nice brown center with the Raw Sienna.   Using the push mold I made about 8 or so smaller petals and then 8 or so larger petals.  It really helps to spritz the mold with a little water otherwise the clay can stick.


I started to arrange them to see how they would look.  I realized that I needed a little backing for the center and then for the petals to rest on.  I used a medium sized circle cutter that I had and made a backing.

Next I arranged my petals large and small.  I put the large in the back and then layered the smaller on top of the large.     I also bent the petals in different directions like a real sunflower.    Petals don't always point straight out.  Once the petals were done I used one of my etch and pearl tool and made dots in the center to look like seeds.   Here's a photo before baking.    Oh I forgot to mention that I also decided to add a couple of green leaves too.

I LOVE to use acrylic paints with most of my polymer clay projects, so after I baked my sunflower I made a nice brown

wash of paint and brushed it into the creases in the petals to give them depth and also over the center as well.

I did the same with a dark green wash over the leaves.    Once this dried I coated the sunflower with Sculpey gloss

glaze and then glued a magnet to the back.   I was really pleased with the end result, and it was really easy.                                                       

I highly recommend using the flower and leaf molds.   I never used to use molds but boy do they help make projects like this much easier.   I am looking forward to using them for lots more botanical projects.