It is summer time and often that means finding things to do indoors on days when it is toooo hot or tooooo wet to be outside.  Here is a really fun project that you can do using Sculpey's fabulous Bake Shop clay.  This product is a bit softer to work with and great for kids.  To create the little animals and things, some of my kids friends and I used our fingers to mold and shape the clay.  We used the little purple clay knife that comes in the Bake Shop clay as well. Sculpey Bake Shop We created a few fun little critters and sculptures to be used with the Pirate Island background. Sculpey Pirate Island Magnets You can download the background here for free and print it to play with.  There is one in color and one in black and white so you can have your kids use their crayons or markers to add the colors that they prefer. Sculpey Pirate Printable I love the alligator.  I think he makes a fabulous pirate pet. Alligator Of course the parrot and the piranhas are really fun too. Sculpey Pirate Pets To make the critters magnetic, I used Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue and added little strong round magnets from the craft store. Sculpey Pirate Printable 2 Ahoy Mateys...Go Have Some Clay Fun! Laura